Cut large crown molding angles or degree corners with Creative Crown foam crown moldings.
Do you get confused trying to cut large degree corners? 120, 135, etc...
Your saw will only move to 45 degrees from to side of your saw?

Here is the answer! Watch this video.

You want to cut a 140 degree corner angle.
You divide 140 degrees by 2 = 70 degrees per cut.
You move your saw blade to the side and there is not enough sweep. You only have 45 degrees.
What do I do now?

Here is what you do. (always use 180)
Take 180 - 140 = 40 degrees
Divide 40 ÷ 2 = 20 degrees
Move your saw and make 2 - 20 degree cuts for a 140 degree corner!

How to cut large crown molding corners the easy way.