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The Trend Team is located in Schaumburg, IL and provides service in your area through our national accounts group. Let us put our experience to work for you. Our rates are competitive, with no hidden fees. Our employees are friendly and will be there to help you every step of the way.

Our Company Philosophy

Every company and organization has an operating philosophy in terms of general understanding of how we do things around here, but most companies do not take the time to think through their philosophy and put it in writing. At Trend, we seek to maintain a company culture that is defined by the following characteristics:
Ethical Company
Company policies and procedures cannot cover every situation that may come up. When in doubt, we expect our managers and employees to fall back on “what is right” based on the values they have learned and moral community standards.
Customer Service
Our business is serving customers. A customer is not someone to outsmart or to appease. We must be able to communicate to our customers the value we offer on a daily basis through our commitment to quality, cleanliness, and timeliness.
Quality Emphasis
Our customers deserve professionalism and the highest quality we can provide. We want to be able to look our customers in the eye and honestly tell them we will do the best job possible.
As a company, we compete vigorously with our competition.
As individuals, company managers, and employees we are expected to cooperate and act as a team.
If we work effectively we will be successful in fulfilling our goals while enjoying what we do.
Fact-Founded Decision-Making
We will gather facts and information to make the best decisions in a timely fashion. Each individual’s input is important. Our focus is on what is right, not who is right.
Competitive Urgency
We will take the time to make fact-founded decisions. When the decision is made, however, we will carry out the decision with a sense of competitive urgency which differs from frantic haste.
We favor creative individuals and creative solutions to our customer’s unique problems. We welcome the opportunity to assist our customers with any challenge.
Will to Win
We seek continuing improvement in our operations and in ourselves through training, education, desire, and superior performance.
By implementing the above purpose & philosophy statements, The Trend family of companies will be able to distinguish ourselves from other contractors as industry leaders and innovators.

Meet Our Staff​

George — Customer Service in Schaumburg, IL
George (Owner)
Mike — Customer Service in Schaumburg, IL
Mike (owner)
Senad — Customer Service in Schaumburg, IL
Dan — Customer Service in Schaumburg, IL
Tracey A — Customer Service in Schaumburg, IL
Tracey A
Tracy H. — Customer Service in Schaumburg, IL
Tracy H.

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